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The museum is looking for a little help.  Here is a brief description of the positions we have open.  Many of these roles do not require you leave your home.  Please call Jim at 636-294-2657 for more information.

Docents (Multiple) The museum is actively seeking docents to provide museum tours. Volunteers need good communication skills, a friendly attitude, and a real desire to share what the museum has to offer its visitors. A docent must possess a thorough knowledge of the stories and exhibits of our local veterans featured in the museum, and be able to answer questions about the artifacts and the veterans in the museum.  The docent should be capable of completing payments on the iPad in the Gift Shop.  All docents should be able to work in the museum on occasional weekends, beginning in spring, and special events.  Docents should be able to contribute 4-8 hours per week.

Event Coordinator The museum is actively seeking a volunteer to serve as event coordinator.  This person will reach out to local groups, clubs, organizations, senior independent living centers and corporations to encourage events at the museum.  For example, “Mastercard Day at the Museum.”  Another example is a “Jeep Show.”  The objective is to increase attendance and awareness of the museum.   The event coordinator will work closely with the museum board with a goal of one event per month beginning in April through September.  The event should be an outdoor event, but an indoor or evening event might be considered for smaller groups.  The event coordinator will also coordinate preparations, resources, and volunteers needed for the event.  This position would require approximately 20-25 hours per month.

Grant Writers (Multiple) Fundraising is the life blood of a nonprofit organization.  The volunteer(s) will be responsible for researching possible “humanities-type” grants and completing the application process.  The volunteer will also reach out to local businesses and corporations applying for their “local giving programs”, and encourage all local corporate contacts to visit the museum.  Awards may be monetary or in-kind donations.  The proper candidate must possess good communication and writing skills.  Grant writers will set a goal and evaluate results measured against the goal.  This position would require approximately 20-25 hours per month.

Research & Writing Assistants (Multiple) Volunteer should possess a thorough knowledge of the stories currently published by the museum, and have an interest in the way they are researched and published.  This person should be experienced in ancestry research.  Knowledge of military history is highly recommended and extremely beneficial.  Volunteer must possess good writing skills, have access to a computer and be proficient in the use of the Internet and numerous search engines.  Volunteer will likely be required to reach out to local history organizations, individuals, and families to complete a veteran’s biography. This person needs the communication skills to conduct a personal interview, and produce narrative from what is often a long interview with an elderly person who sometimes does not stay on the subject.  Researcher will work closely with curator to coordinate any photos or memorabilia that will accompany the story.  Volunteer may work with students in “Interviews with Heroes project.”  Volunteer should be willing to contribute a minimum of 15-25 hours a week (note: an average story requires 15-25 hours).  Most of work may be performed at home.

Grounds Landscape Manager Volunteer should have some knowledge about managing landscaping.  The manager will coordinate volunteers for monthly community workdays, and also schedule community service groups and individuals looking for service hours.  This person would work with Missouri Department of Conservation to appropriately nurture our Missouri “natives” landscape.  Manager will reach out to local nurseries for donations of mulch, topsoil, hardscapes, rock, and other supplies. This person may be responsible to complete co-op applications for reimbursement.   The manager will not necessarily do the work, but rather coordinate the volunteers and be sure that the tasks are completed.  This position would require approximately about 10-15 hours per month.

Social Media Manager The volunteer must be familiar with all types of social media.  The volunteer would assist the museum board with developing a stronger social media presence.  The manager will post on Instagram YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tik Tok and possibly others such as WhatsApp, or Snapchat (these are the top social media apps), and other local neighbor social media sites such as:  Nextdoor, Post-Dispatch sites (2), St. Charles County Visitors and Convention Bureau.  The volunteer will also write and submit press releases for local papers such as Post-Dispatch, Mid-Rivers News Magazine and Community News.  Manager will evaluate and provide measured report results to the board.  The volunteer will also coordinate news and events with Facebook Manager.  This position would require approximately 20-30 hours per month.

Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Oral History project at or call 636-294-2657 for more information and lets’ talk. We want to hear from you because we know…Every Veteran has a story.