On the 20th anniversary 9/11, we remember those we have lost.  Nearly three thousand civilians and almost 400 first responders were killed. Over the next twenty years, more than 7074 U.S. troops were killed fighting the War on Terror.  Among those killed in action were nine soldiers from St. Charles County Missouri. 

• Travis Lyle Salle Patriquin December 6-DEC 2006

• Matthew W. Clark 11-DEC 2006

• Matthew Francis Straughter 31-JAN 2008

• Drew W. Weaver 21-FEB 2008

• Stephen K. Scott 6-APR 2008

• Gunnar William Zwilling 13-JUL 2008

• Denis D. Kisseloff 14-MAY 2010

• Philip Vinnedge 13-OCT 2010

• Jared Schmitz 26-AUG 2021

It is a time to remember those who died, those who served, and those who carry on.  We must not ever forget their sacrifices.  

Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Oral History project at sccvetsmuseum@gmail.com or call 636-294-2657 for more information and lets’ talk. We want to hear from you because we know…Every Veteran has a story.