The “Dog Tag” – Veteran Suicides, with Misty Blum

A Story About Veteran Suicides

Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode XVIII, Season 1 a podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.

Tonight’s guest is Misty Blum.  Misty’s husband Michael served his country in the United States Marines for 20 years including four tours of duty in Iraq. While U.S. Soldiers were deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq, more service members are dying at home than at war.  Everyday 22 veterans lose their battle to post traumatic stress on American soil.  That is 1 veterans every 65 minutes.  For most combat veterans, the toughest battle begins when they come home. Misty’s husband Michael lost his battle September 15, 2013.  While he will never be listed as a casualty of war, he is a casualty caused by the war.  Misty has become a writer and advocate dedicated to veteran PTS suicide prevention and awareness.  Misty hopes by telling her story, it will help others.

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