The “Dog Tag” – Sierra Koester Discusses PTSD

Understanding PTSD, Recognizing the Symptoms

Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode XVII, Season 1 a podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.

Our guest on the show tonight is Sierra Koester.  After earning a degree in criminal justice, serving as a Police Officer in O’Fallon and a deputy in Lincoln County, she is now a private practice counselor who specializes in counseling survivors of trauma. She is EMDR trained, which is a proven approach to help survivors of trauma.  Men and women in service positions are still at risk when they are not in harm’s way.  Even when the uniform is hung up and boots tucked away, there is still the possibility of silent but deadly dangers such as depression, anxiety, PTS, or other mental health issues. Sometimes the signs and symptoms appear silent, but sometimes they are hiding in plain sight. It is important to recognize the signs and symptoms in yourself and others and know where to turn for help.

Note: Sierra Koester practices under the supervision of Dona Schaefer.

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