The “Dog Tag” – Salina & Zach Mann

Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans
Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode 4, Season 2, a Podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.
Salina and Zach Mann

Salina and Zach Mann share their experiences in the Army, both as a couple and individually, as they served in combat and how they managed life after they returned home. Salina and Zach met in 2008 and have been married since March 2012. They have two daughters.

Salina served as a 37F Psychological Operations Specialist with the the 307th reserve unit out of Jefferson Barracks. She completed one tour in NE Afghanistan in Logar Province, 2010-2011.

Zach served as a 91A Tank Mechanic with the 3HBCT a part of 1/2 CAV out of Fort Hood, Texas. Zach served one tour in Iraq in February 2011 and was part of the pull out as his Battalion left Iraq in December 2011. To listen to their story, click on the link below.


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