The “Dog Tag” – Dominic Masters

Corporal Dominic Masters, USMC
Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode 6, Season 2, a Podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum

When Dominic was young, his mom took me to a car show at a McDonald’s in North County not too far from his home.  There at the car show was a guy in a dressy blue and red uniform.  He asked his mom, “Who is that guy?”  His mom answered, “That is a Marine.”  Dominic recalled, “He looked 10’ tall!  From that moment on, I wanted to be a Marine.”

Dominic joined the Marines just weeks before 9/11. In just a few short months, he was invading Iraq. As Dominic says, “You’re either a grunt or a POG “person other than grunt.”  Dominic was a grunt.  A door kicker.  This is his story.

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