The “Dog Tag” – Combat Medic Matthew Sims

Three-Time Purple Heart Recipient, U.S. Army 1997-2018

Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode XI, Season 1 a podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.

Combat medics play a unique role in today’s modern military. Not only must they be experts in battlefield medicine, but they must also remain proficient in combat tactical skills. They frequently witness injuries and death and are often exposed to personal threats of trauma. Medics run towards the danger to render aid to those injured while exposing themselves to enemy fire. While under attack, medics must fight alongside their fellow soldiers.  Combat medics and corpsman felt the best way to serve and save lives was alongside the troops.

While they can easily rationalize, they cannot save everyone, it causes high levels of stress.  Because of this double-duty role, combat medics often face stressors that other military specialties do not.  Military medics are at high risk for burnout, compassion fatigue, combat stress, and Medic PTSD.

Tonight’s guest is Master Sergeant Retired, Matthew Sims.  Matt served our country and his unit as a combat medic.  In 2005, during his deployment to Iraq, Matt regularly placed himself in harm’s way.  Matt was awarded three Purple Hearts.  Join us next week, for Matt’s story.  Though retired, Matt continues to serve today.  For the rest of Matt’s story, go to stories on this website.

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