The “Dog Tag” – Colonel Robert Leeker

Fighter Pilot, Kirkut Iraq Air Base Commander
Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode 2, Season 2 a Podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.

Col Robert Leeker

Robert Leeker started his military as a one striper in the Air Force in 1971 and went to basic at Lackland Air Force base.  After working as a mechanic on planes, Bob decided he wanted to fly them.  He earned his associates degree at Meramec Community College and took flying lessons on his own dime to ready himself to become an Air Force pilot.  Bob trained on the T37 and T38 and earned his wings.  Flying fighters was thirty-three years of his Air Force career including flying F4’s, F15’s, and later the B2 bomber.  Bob attained the rank of Colonel and commanded the air base in Kirkuk Iraq.  Some of Bob’s most vivid memories are while he was stationed at Kirkuk.  Tonight, Bob will share his story and rise through the ranks of the Air Force and what it was like to be a base commander at an air base in Iraq during the war and the tough transition from military to retirement.

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