The “Dog Tag” – Bobby Christopher, USMC

Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode 14, Season , a Podcast by the Mid America Veterans Museum.
Bobby Christopher

Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode 14, Season 2, a Podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.

Join us on the Dog Tag Podcast as we host Corporal Bobby Christopher, United States Marines. Bobby is a combat veteran and current president of the Mid America Veterans Museum formerly named the Saint Charles County Veterans Museum.

Bobby walks us through his military and combat experiences as a 0352 TOW (tube launched optically tracked wire guided missile system) Antitank Missile Gunner from 2002-2008 and was deployed to Iraq in 2005.

We also discuss Bobby’s role as president of the board at the museum and the museum’s new branding, building project and hiring of our new executive director.

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