The “Dog Tag” – Blue Star Mothers

Blue Star Mothers Tracy Lee and Kathy Schulte Discuss Supporting Families of Deployed Soldiers

Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode VII, Season 1, a podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.

Nearly 200,000 U.S. Troops are deployed around the world many in harm’s way.  For every troop deployed, there are multiple family members including mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, foster mothers trying their best to support and comfort the troops.  Blue Star Mothers concentrate on providing emotional support to its members.  Even when we are not at war, military families often deal with stresses such as frequent moves or the absence of a parent. Deployment to war creates additional issues for a family to handle. A Blue Star Mother knows, “the hardest battles” are often fought on the home front and are emotional, and much harder to win.  And any parent will tell you, there are no safe places to be deployed.

Our guests today, are Kathy Schulte and Tracy Lee the local Blue Star President.  Tracy and Kathy know first-hand what emotions and stress our troops and their families experience while serving.

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