The “Dog Tag” – Bud Haedike B-17 Bombardier

Paul "Bud" Haedike B-17 Bombardier WWII

Welcome to the Dog Tag, Episode III, Season 1, a podcast by the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.  Our podcast airs on Tuesdays, at 6:00 PM.  This week’s show features Paul “Bud” Haedike a World War II B-17 Bombardier.

Paul “Bud” Haedike was 16 when Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941.  Like other young men, Paul was eager to join the military, but had to wait until he was 18.  Paul got his draft notice on his 18th birthday and reported to Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis.  In the inductee line, Bud card was stamped “NAVY.”  But Bud had other ideas.  He pleaded and they finally changed it to Army.  Once in, Bud opted for the Army Air Corps.  Bud wanted to be a P-51 fighter pilot but had to settle for bombardier on a B-17 Flying Fortress.  Bud was shot down on his first mission, but safely crash landed in Belgium.  He went on to fly 22 more missions deep into Germany and three humanitarian mission which Bud calls his most rewarding.  Tonight, Bud will share the harrowing life of a B-17 air crew member.

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