Marine Corps Scavenger Hunt

  1. How many Purple Hearts (MEDALS, not ribbons) are displayed in the museum?
  1. We have two Marines killed on the closing days of the Battle of Saipan. What are their names?
ANSWER: Breeher
  1. We have one Marine that was captured on Corregidor and died as a POW in the Japanese prisoner of war camp in Cabanatuan. What is his name?
ANSWER: Maxson
  1. Phillip Vinnedge served in 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine regiment (the Dark Horse Battalion). On his “Blues,” what is the “cord” on his left shoulder called?
  1. We have three World War II era Marine uniforms on display. What are their names:
ANSWER: McGoogan
  1. This Marine was issued “pink stationary” and wrote over 500 letters home to his wife Judy. What is his name?
ANSWER: James Club
  1. Women in the Navy are called “WAVES.” In the Army they were called “WACS.”  In the Army Air Force, “WASPS.”  What were women Marines called?  Note:  Keep it clean!
ANSWER: Maines
  1. What CASE NUMBER has sand from Iwo Jima displayed.
  1. What case number has Marine Barbie and Ken displayed?
  1. We have 1 Marine Class A Korean War uniform on display. He served from 1942-1953.  He fought at the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.  What is his name?
ANSWER: Edward Ferguson
  1. Which American President said, “Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in this world. The Marines don’t have that problem.”
ANSWER: Ronald Reagan
  1. What World War I general said, “The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle!”
ANSWER: Blackjack Pershing
  1. We have one Marine Corps MP “Armband” and “Patch” on display.What is the Marine’s name?
ANSWER: Jason Mowry
  1. We have one case with 3 Lance Corporals displayed.What is the case number?
  1. LCPL Jared Schmidt’s BDU’s uniform is displayed in the museum.What was the name of the operation Jared participated in Afghanistan ending on 30-AUG 2021?
ANSWER:  Operation Enduring Freedom
  1. How many total Marine’s artifacts and stories are “displayed in the museum?
  1. In what year and battle, were Marines given the nickname, “Devil Dogs?”
ANSWER:  Belleau Wood, France
  1. We have one story of a Marine AVIATOR from World War II displayed in a binder.What is his name?
ANSWER:  Charles Whoehrle

            Oorah!  Thank you Marines!

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