Harold Lee Thomas was born 9-JUN 1931 in Stotts City MO.  His father was Leonard Thomas (1907-1990) and his mother Dorothy L. Weaver (1911-1990).

As a young boy, Harold was in elementary school during the years leading up to World War II and experienced the tumultuous times happening across the globe.  This is evidenced by a school assignment that his mother kept all her life.   Harold’s scrapbook chronicled the years leading up to, and including the war, including photos and articles about Hitler’s first weeks in power praising the man and his movement, along with Italy’s Mussolini and Japan’s Hirohito. In the American press, such as LIFE and LOOK magazines, accounts of the United States’ efforts to avoid involvement in the war as its citizens reeled from the Depression years. This fascinating piece of family history chronicles the growing horrors of the wars in Europe and the South Pacific.  What an impression this must have made to Harold and his classmates!

Harold Thomas graduated from Greenfield High School in Greenfield MO.  He later graduated from the University of Chicago with a Business Management degree.  Harold registered for the draft 9-JUN 1949, while the world was at peace.  Just days later, Harold enlisted in the Air Force on 12-JUL 1949.

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