Betty JoAnn Stringer

Betty JoAnn Stringer was born on 21-MAR 1938 in St. Louis.  Her father was Walter R. Stringer (1908-1999) and her mother is Florence E. Stringer (nee Cotton) (1909-1999).  Betty had one brother; Ronald and one sister; Carol.  According to the census in 1940 to 1950 the family lived at 4343 Bingham Avenue in St. Louis MO.

Betty attended Cleveland High School in St. Louis.  At Cleveland High School she belonged to the Sharpshooter Club.

In the years ahead, being a “sharpshooter” would help Betty in the military.  At age 22 Betty joined the Women’s Army Corps (WAC).  When asked why she chose the Army, Betty responded, “Well, I really wanted to go in the Navy, but ah (sic), I didn’t like where they were trained at so I joined the Army.

Betty made the Army a career.  Click the link for the rest of her story.

Stringer Betty

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