On This Day, 16-NOV 1944, We Honor a Fallen Hero

Robert J. Price was born 8-APR 1918 in Gilmore MO.  Gilmore was a town adjacent to Wentzville that was nearly destroyed in a tornado in 1915.  Robert’s father was William G. Price (1882-1963) and his mother Leona J. Amptmann (1884-1920).  He had two brothers; Edwin and Richard and one sister; Genevieve Mary.  When he registered for the draft, his home was in O’Fallon MO.  His occupation was listed as farming in O’Fallon.  He enlisted 25-MAR 1941 and served with U.S. Army 90th Division 358th Infantry Regiment, E Co.  

The 90th Infantry Division landed in England, 5-APR 1944, and trained from 10-APR to 4-JUN. First elements of the Division saw action on D-Day, 6-JUN, on Utah Beach, Normandy.  The remainder entering combat, 10-JUN, cutting across the Merderet River to take Pont l’Abbe in heavy fighting. After defensive action along the Douve, the division attacked to clear the Foret de Mont Castre, clearing it by 11-JUL, in spite of fierce resistance.  An attack on the island of Seves failing, 23-JUL, the 90th bypassed it and took Periers, 27-JUL.  On 12-AUG, the Division drove across the Sarthe River, north and east of Le Mans, and took part in the closing of the Falaise Gap, taking Chambois, 19-AUG. It then raced across France, through Verdun, 6-SEP, to participate in the siege of Metz, 14-SEP to 19-NOV, capturing Maizieres les Metz, 30-OCT, and crossing the Moselle at Koenigsmacker, 9-NOV. 

It is believed Robert was killed in action near Metz, France on 16-NOV 1944.  Robert is buried at Dardenne Cemetery in O’Fallon MO.  The 90th Infantry Division holds the record for the most days in combat of any American division in WWII without being relieved. They stayed to the very end and paid high prices in terms of loss of life. 

We are looking for more information about Robert including a picture.  If you can help, please contact the museum.

Robert J. Price is honored and remembered at the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.  

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