Patton, Luke Urban

104th Division, 415th Infantry Regiment, the "Tmberwolves"

Luke U. Patton

Luke enlisted at Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis County on 18-NOV 1942.  He served in the 104th Division, 415th Infantry Regiment, Company L, the “Timberwolves”.  

On 16-DEC 1944, they dug in on the West Bank of the Roer River, and were the keystone of the Allied northern defense, while the Battle of the Bulge raged to the south.  The division occupied thin defensive positions, holding back many German assaults.  Luke was a bazooka and BAR man.

Most of Luke Urban Patton’s memoirs are from his time shortly before and during the Battle of the Bulge.  Luke wrote his memoirs and his daughter Linda Wilmes shared them with the museum. Click on the pdf below for the rest of his story.



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