Honoring Those Who Died Serving Our Country – Liguori Alphous Crider 

Liguori Alphous Crider was born 30-JUN 1881 in O’Fallon MO.  He later lived in St. Charles City.  His mother was Antoinette Mary Emerson Crider.  He had two sisters; Elizbeth and Mary, and one brother; Daniel.  He was a farmer and lived in O’Fallon MO.  He married Agnes Mudd in 1915.  He was 37 when he registered for the draft. Liguori died 12-MAY-1919.  We believe he died of the Spanish Flu while serving.  He is buried in St. Paul Catholic Cemetery.  

We have very little information on Liguori A. Crider.  If you have more information and a picture, please contact the museum.  

Liguori is honored and remembered at the St. Charles Veterans Museum.  

Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Oral History project at sccvetsmuseum@gmail.com or call 636-294-2657 for more information and lets’ talk. We want to hear from you because we know…Every Veteran has a story.