William George LaPosha was 21-JUNE 1911.  His father was Frank LaPosha (1881-1950) and his mother was Theresa Thomas LaPosha (1889-1967).  He had one sibling, Edward Frank LaPosha (1910-1993).  In 1930 the family lived on Mallinckrodt Street in St. Louis.

Bill played amateur baseball and won a championship in 1932.  He would later have contracts with two minor clubs although he never pursued baseball as a career.  He played amateur baseball with the Belleville Stags at first base and often competed with professional baseball teams in exhibition games.  He also played halfback on several professional soccer teams.

Bill entered the service in 1943.  He was assigned to the 42nd Infantry (Rainbow) Division as a military policeman (MP).  In the years ahead, Bill would join the police force in St. Louis.

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LaPosha William George


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