Gary enlisted in the Navy in June 1967.  When he enlisted in the Navy he was assured that, following basic training, he would attend Hospital Corps School and serve as a hospital corpsman.  Gary reported to the Naval Training Center in San Diego for basic training. Following basic training he attended Hospital Corpsman School at Balboa Naval Hospital, San Diego, California.  He next completed Field Medical Service School at Camp Pendleton, California which is an eight-week course that prepares Navy hospital corpsman to serve with Marine units.

Gary received his orders for Vietnam departing in March 1969.  Gary felt that the best way to serve and save lives was being with the squads on patrol. Gary’s story is a story about devotion and saving lives.  Like most medic and corpsman, they risked their life to save others.

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Gary watched several of his brothers fall.  He would devote his life to serving others.

“I’m the One Called “Doc…”

I shall not walk in your footsteps,

but I will walk by your side.

I shall not walk in your image,

I’ve earned my own title of pride.

We’ve answered the call together,

on sea and foreign land.

When the cry for help was given,

I’ve been there right at hand.

Whether I am on the ocean

or in the jungle wearing greens,

Giving aid to my fellow man,

be it Sailors or Marines.

So the next time you see a corpsman

and you think of calling him “squid”,

Think of the job he’s doing

as those before him did.

And if you ever have to go out there

and your life is on the block,

Look at the one right next to you…

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