Walter Howard was born 13-JUL-1893.  He lived at 1023 Washington in St Charles MO when he registered for the draft.  Howard was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard of St. Charles, Missouri.  Walter was drafted in the summer of 1918 and was a Private in the US Army.  Walter served in the Depot Brigade.  The role of the Depot Brigades was to receive and organize recruits, provide them with uniforms, equipment, and initial military training, and then send them on to France to fight on the front lines.  Howard died in the service of his country in France.  

From St. Louis Post-Dispatch 18-NOV-1918: Died of Disease.  Mrs. Clara Howard, next of kin.  From Globe Democrat: Walter Howard, a negro 25 years of age, Company 66 Depot Brigade, died on board ship 2-OCT-1918.  He had sailed for France early in September.  Unfortunately, Walter Howard’s burial details are unknown.  He is listed as “Lost in War.”  

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