David Lawrence Heyman

David Lawrence Heyman was born 6-NOV 1962 in St. Louis MO.  His father was Edward Robert (Rick) Heyman (1936-1996) and his mother was Jacquelin C. Kemp (1936-2022).  His stepfather was Charles Kemp.  He had five siblings Donna, Richard, Michael, Diana, and Jackie.

David attended Hazelwood West High School in North St. Louis County, Missouri.  David loved hard rock music and played football, soccer, baseball, and loved to ride his unicycle.  He later coached soccer.  David also was a talented sketch artist, as well as a strong swimmer.  Once on a family trip to Texas, he saved the life of a man who was struggling when he went in the water trying to save a dog.

David moved to St. Charles County and lived with his brother Mike from 1983 to 1985.  His brother Mike said, “David was looking for direction and a purpose in his life.  He felt he was in a rut and needed to change things up.” David decided to enlist in the Army near the end of 1985.  He found his calling in the Army and planned to make it a career.

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