Kenneth J. Hahn (Ken, Kenny) was born on March 16, 1925 outside of O’Fallon, Missouri and raised in St. Charles, Missouri. He was the son of Godfrey “Fritz” Hahn and Ella F. Arens. He attended St. Peter Catholic School in St. Charles through the 9th grade and attended St. Charles High School during his Sophomore and Junior years. He dropped out of high school during his senior year and worked as an acetylene welder. He married his high school sweetheart, Darlene M. Rowe, daughter of William R. Rowe, Sr. and Lulu M. Bricker. Darlene was a “Rosie the Riveter” at Curtiss-Wright aircraft factory in St. Louis during WWII. Kenneth and Darlene had a son Dennis before he was drafted in July, 1943. While Kenneth was away in the Navy, Darlene purchased a house in St. Charles at 720 N. Kingshighway across the street from St. Charles High School

This story is a summary of Kenneth’s notes from his service on LCI-754. He wrote them in September 1945 while at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and later answered some written questions asked by son Cary in 1989. The article also contains information from the Naval archives and the USS Landing Craft, Infantry National Association.

Kenneth received a draft notice in July 1943. At the induction center on July 13, 1943, Kenneth was given the opportunity to join the U.S. Navy rather than serve in the U.S. Army. He took a Navy physical on July 14th at the Federal Building in St. Louis and passed. On July 17th he left home for basic training at the Farragut Naval Training Station (Farragut NTS) in Idaho (“Boot Camp”). At Farragut NTS he was trained as a Motor Machinist Mate.

For the rest of Kenneth’s story, click on the pdf below.

A St. Charles Sailor during WWII – Kenneth J. Hahn – pdf

Farragut Naval Training Center and St. Charles Sailors — WWII – pdf

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