Beulah “Peggy” Greenwalt was born 6 Dec 1911 in Idaho.  Her father was Samuel Grant Greenwalt (1864-1942) and her mother was Carolina Ann Stuber (1869-1946).  Beulah had two sisters: Alma and Mabel, and three brothers: Lloyd, Clyde, and Cloyd.   One of Peggy’s sisters lived in St. Louis.  Her mother, and father lived near Rolla Missouri.  Beulah studied Nursing in New Mexico. Her sister described Peggy as “one who would try anything.” As a 20-year-old graduate of a nursing college, she was told by a friend to “join the Army to see the world.” After Beulah went into the nurse service, she adopted the nickname Peggy because of confusion with another family member.  Beulah enlisted 22 Sep 1937.  She arrived on Corregidor in June 1941 and served as a general duty nurse at Fort Mills.  She was on Corregidor when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

Beulah soon became of the first U.S. Army nurses to serve on a battlefield.  For the rest of her story, click on the link below.


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