In His Words…

My father was William Echelmeyer (1892-1960) and my mother was Margaret Gartland (1889-1981). My Grandfather, August (Gustof) Echelmeier, was born in Westphalia, Germany and my father, William (Echelmeyer), was the first Echelmeyer generation born in America.  He was born in St. Charles Missouri.  

So, I am part of the second-born generation in America, along with my 5 siblings (Bernice, William, Alvina, Lester, Loretta). We were literally born in the St. Louis, Missouri Calvary Cemetery. My father and grandfather were caretakers of the cemetery. This was a very labor-intensive job. All graves were dug 6-foot down shovel scoop by shovel scoop. 

Like many other people, times were tough, but our lives were full of adventures, living in a cemetery. I always said, “we were very poor…” compared to others, but you would not have known it. Life was so much simpler back then.

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