Donald Velmer Cox

Donald Velmer Cox was born on 10-JUN-1943.  His father was Velmer Ivren Cox (1902-1964) and his mother was Ruth Sandefer (1920-2010).  Donald had three sisters: Joyce, Linda, and Debra.  Donald later had a stepfather: Walter Lantree.  He graduated from O’Fallon Technical School in 1962 with a focus in photography and lithography.  The family lived on Shaw Ave. in St. Louis MO.

Donald enlisted in the Navy on 23-APR 1964 and went to Naval Station Great Lakes near Chicago Illinois overlooking Lake Michigan.

The Navy Enlisted Classification Record indicated under “Duties, Skills, Machines” that Donald in his civilian life “worked under supervision setting type by hand for the printing of short articles, headings, and other printed matter.  Operated a standard printing press, observed press in printing operation, and cleaned printing press after each use.  Assisted in proof reading for errors and correct set-up.  Replaced type in case after use.  Cleaned print shop daily.”  His employer was the Chase Park Plaza Hotel from 7/62 to 3/64.  Donald completed his curriculum for recruit training and code of conduct for members of the armed forces 2-JUL 1964 and became a seaman.

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