Robin Nicole Collins, Died While Serving

Robin Nicole Collins was born 9-AUG 1994 in St. Louis, Missouri.  Her parents were Michelle and John.  She had a twin sister Kristin and brother Kevin.  Robin grew up in Manchester and attended Parkway South High School where she graduated in 2013.  She then attended college at Stetson University, Eastern Florida State, and Penn State, working towards a degree in Environmental Sustainability.

Robin enlisted in the Navy in 2016 and spent four months at the Navy’s Information Warfare Training Center before reporting in 2020 to the 6th Fleet based in Naples Italy.  Navy Command officials stated she was a Cryptologic Technician (Technical) 1st Class.

A Cryptologic Technicians Technical serve as experts in airborne, shipborne and land-based radar signals. Their responsibilities include operating electronic intelligence-receiving and direction-finding systems, digital recording devices, analysis terminals and associated computer equipment and operating systems that produce high-power jamming signals used to deceive electronic sensors and defeat radar-guided weapons systems.  They also provided technical and tactical guidance in support of surface, subsurface, air and special warfare operations.

Robin Nicole Collins died while serving duty on 18-JUL 2021.  She was 26.  A Naval Safety Center mishap report states Collins died after a “shelter roof and chimney collapsed during heavy weather.”  In September 2021, in an email the Navy reported, “Due to operational security, we are not able to release the location or nature of the operation.”

Robin Nicole was a hero and will always be remembered. The museum hopes to share more of Robin’s story in the years ahead.

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