On This Day 21-FEB 2008, We Remember a Fallen Hero

Drew W. Weaver was born 5-JUL 1987.  His parents were Brian Weaver and Diane Spaulding.  He lived in St. Charles Missouri and attended St. Charles West High School graduating in 2005.  Drew and his best friend, Marine Corporal Ryan Hanson, joined the Marines together right after high school and went through basic training together. Ryan literally was by his side in the beginning…and at the very end.

 Everyone says Drew found the best in every situation.  He was able to find the silver lining in every cloud.  He always tried to make work fun for himself and the other workers. He had a positive attitude and great sense of humor. His friends said, he had a strong pride and sense of purpose in being a Marine.

Lance Cpl. Drew William Weaver was in the 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division. The 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion is a fast, mobilized armored battalion of the United States Marine Corps. Their primary weapon system is the LAV-25 (Light Armored Vehicle).  Their nickname is Wolfpack.

Lance Cpl. Drew Weaver was killed in action on 21-FEB 2008 while conducting combat operations in Asad, Anbar province in Western Iraq. His unit was on patrol when it came up to a truck that then sped away. The soldiers gave chase with Weaver in the lead. When they caught up with the truck, Weaver turned to warn his fellow Marines and a bullet hit him in a spot that wasn’t protected by his vest.  He was twenty-years old.  Weaver and his platoon were days away from completing Operation Desert Siege, an 18-day field operation that was designed to disrupt insurgent activity in the far edges of the of the Al Anbar province.

Weaver’s body was accompanied home to St. Charles by his best friend and fellow Marine Corporal Ryan Hansen and his brother Navy Petty Officer Jeff Weaver. Drew William Weaver is buried at St. Charles Memorial Gardens.  The Post-Dispatch reported 1-MAR 2008 that Drew was the 20th Iraq War war-related casualty from St. Louis area according to Defense Department records.

Drew William Weaver is honored and remembered at the St. Charles County Veterans Museum.

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