Our Favorite Stories – Garvis Pollard

Bud Haedike, WWII B-17 Bombardier

On his 18th birthday 1943, Bud Haedike received his draft notice. Bud reported and pleaded to join the Army rather than the Navy. Bud got his wish and was sent packing to the Army Air Corps.

On their first mission they received a baptism by fire on their bombing mission to Hamm, Germany on 16-FEB 1945.  They were in the “Tail End Charlie” position (usually reserved for rookies). Bud and his crew crash landed. Luckily unhurt in friendly territory, they made it back to Allied lines.

He went on to fly 23 missions.

Listen to Garvis Pollard explain, why Bud’s is one of his favorite story.

My Fav Garvis facebook – SD 480p


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