Kid Approved by Maddie & Andrew!

Andrew Learns a Little Bit About Vietnam

The St. Charles County Veterans Museum is kid approved!  

Welcome to another tour of the museum by Maddie and Andrew.  Today, Maddie and Andrew learned a little bit about Vietnam.  

Bring the kids to the museum soon…Remember the museum features “touchables” “wearables”and a tent to explore.  The tent is full of authentic artifacts from WWII.  And don’t forget our scavenger hunt for the kids where everyone wins a free prize.    

Maddie and Andrew especially loved the giftshop.  The gift shop includes apparel, gifts, toys and educational children’s books. 

Want to bring a group?  Call Jim at 636-294-2657.  

We hope to see you soon! 

Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Oral History project at or call 636-294-2657 for more information and lets’ talk. We want to hear from you because we know…Every Veteran has a story.