The purpose of Thanksgiving Day long ago was to celebrate the harvest and other blessings of the past year. 

The museum has been showered with blessings.   We are blessed to be in a wonderful community who values their veterans, an amazing city who believed in our mission and surrounded by businesses willing to help.  When people say, we have done a good job, the truth is the community made it happen.  

The Home Depot is near the top of the list helping the museum.  Today we were given a very generous donation from Libby Stevenson the Store Manager of the St. Charles Home Depot Store at Cave Springs.  We’ve also received generous donations from the O’Fallon Home Depot on Highway K, James Stringer.  Thank You! 

On this Thanksgiving, let’s also remember those deployed.  They stand watch so we have our freedoms.  God Bless Our Troops!  

From all of us at the St. Charles County Veterans Museum, may your blessings be multiplied this year and throughout all your life.  Enjoy your day, surrounded by blessings.  

Giving thanks to those businesses and individuals that made this museum happen!

Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Oral History project at or call 636-294-2657 for more information and lets’ talk. We want to hear from you because we know…Every Veteran has a story.