We are very proud of our newest Eagle Scout project added to the museum.  Natalie presented her completed Eagle Scout project on Saturday.  Her accomplishment and completion of the project is significant because only 2.5% of Eagle Scouts are women and only 6% of Boy Scouts make Eagle.  Women first had the opportunity to join Boy Scouts on February 1, 2020. The first woman to make Eagle Scout was in 2020.

Natalie’s project highlighted four local women veterans that can attest to perseverance and breaking barriers.  Natalie wrote a short biography of each of the women.

The four veterans were:

Marines: Betty Gonzales, U.S Marine Corps, 1968-1970.

Air Force: Kathy Lawton Brown U.S. Air Force Sergeant, 1973-1978

Army: Beverly Watkins U.S. Army Msg Sergeant, 1974-1978 and 1982-2003.

Navy: Terri Violet U.S. Navy Yeoman, 1981-1987

Today, 20% of active-duty troops are women.  The museum is very proud to tell the stories of women that serve.  One of our original paintings in the museum is titled a Tribute to Women Who Served.

We’re very proud of Natalie and her accomplishment of becoming an Eagle Scout.  Congratulations Natalie!

Please contact the St. Charles County Veterans Museum Oral History project at sccvetsmuseum@gmail.com or call 636-294-2657 for more information and lets’ talk. We want to hear from you because we know…Every Veteran has a story.