We were honored by a visit of the five Brix family brothers.  Their sister, Grace was the husband of Christian Brix (1942-1995) whose Annapolis uniform, and artifacts are on display at the museum.  The brothers are Andre, Phil, Pierre, Ray, and Dave Brix.  Andre served in Navy as a pilot, Pierre served on a Navy submarine and Dave served as an Air Force pilot.  Their brother, Christian, served as a Navy pilot.  Three of the Brix brothers were pilots.  

Christian went to the Annapolis Naval Academy in 1966 and after graduation was commissioned an Ensign. Christian flew the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk.  Christian had a very distinguished career earning a Bronze Star while in the Navy serving from 1967-1976.  He was also awarded the Air Medal Meritorious Flight Medal, which is awarded to individuals who distinguish themselves by meritorious achievement while participating in sustained aerial flight operations.  

He served on the USS Hancock and the USS Enterprise until June 1976.  Chris flew over 150 combat missions.  From his letters we know Chris had big dreams. From a letter in NOV 1968, we learn Chris wanted to sail around the world.  Chris also dreamed of joining NASA.

Unfortunately, Christian W. Brix Jr. died on 20-OCT 1995, at the age of 52. 

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